First female to referee Premier League

This year the NRG created another first as they continue to stay focused on developing youth from our region and blend that youth with experienced referees such as Mark Johnson, Rob Roy, Kieran Fisher and Referees Manager Graham Chapman.

‘we have implemented a Premier League panel and only those that can demonstrate knowledge of the game, the ability to communicate and control 22, sometimes hostile players and a fitness that allows them to keep up with play, will be officiating on our elite division. A referee must always keep up with play and if they can’t there is no place for them on our elite senior competition. I would be the first person to raise my hand if I could no longer keep up with play, it’s an exciting time and this year we also witnessed a record number of players we submitted to the RDP program with Football NSW and we proudly saw referee Emma Kocbek accepted in the first ever Referee Academy’ said Referee Manager Graham Chapman.

‘every senior referee officiating owes it to the future of our game to educate and mentor the next generation coming through. I enjoy passing on my experience and seeing how the younger referees handle the intense pressure of our Premier League and All Age competitions. Said Assistant Referee Manager Rob Roy

‘we don’t stop, every year a new and exciting group of people come through both young kids and adults and we look forward to growing them as individuals and taking them through the important steps of becoming a football referee’ said branch coach and senior referee of the year for 2017 Kieran Fisher