2017 – become a referee

In 2017 the Nepean Referees Group will hit the ground running and we look forward to welcoming a new era of new referees to further strengthen our numbers. If you would like to become a referee simply fill in the form titled ‘become a referee’ contained on this site and one of our team will get back to you.

NRG referee coach and senior referee of the year for 2017 Kieran Fisher said recently ‘I am looking forward to ensuring another group of new referees are ready to enjoy the experience of refereeing once our season starts. Our first two courses of the year are on the 4th and the 25th of February. It’s important that we develop as many referees as possible in those courses so we can have them ready for the start of our season’.

Referees of the year announced

Referees Manager Graham Chapman has congratulated all referees on an outstanding winter season.

‘Again for the third year in a row we experienced growth in our numbers and what’s exciting now is that we are witnessing the younger referees coming through. They will be  in a position to now officiate on Sunday’s with the All Age competition which again strengthens our numbers ensuring that teams have officials more often than in the past. We recently announced the following awards and on behalf of all referees I congratulate them on an outstanding year’

Senior Referee of the year – Kieran Fisher

Junior Referee of the year – Morgan Darling

Assistant Referee of the year – William Stubbs

First female to referee Premier League

This year the NRG created another first as they continue to stay focused on developing youth from our region and blend that youth with experienced referees such as Mark Johnson, Rob Roy, Kieran Fisher and Referees Manager Graham Chapman.

‘we have implemented a Premier League panel and only those that can demonstrate knowledge of the game, the ability to communicate and control 22, sometimes hostile players and a fitness that allows them to keep up with play, will be officiating on our elite division. A referee must always keep up with play and if they can’t there is no place for them on our elite senior competition. I would be the first person to raise my hand if I could no longer keep up with play, it’s an exciting time and this year we also witnessed a record number of players we submitted to the RDP program with Football NSW and we proudly saw referee Emma Kocbek accepted in the first ever Referee Academy’ said Referee Manager Graham Chapman.

‘every senior referee officiating owes it to the future of our game to educate and mentor the next generation coming through. I enjoy passing on my experience and seeing how the younger referees handle the intense pressure of our Premier League and All Age competitions. Said Assistant Referee Manager Rob Roy

‘we don’t stop, every year a new and exciting group of people come through both young kids and adults and we look forward to growing them as individuals and taking them through the important steps of becoming a football referee’ said branch coach and senior referee of the year for 2017 Kieran Fisher

Referee group continues to grow

As we approach our third full year as the Nepean Referees Group we have again witnessed growth in our region.

‘As General Manager of the Nepean Football Association we couldn’t be prouder of the achievements of the Nepean Referees Group. With increased coverage and achievements happening on a yearly basis our clubs should be very proud of how the NRG continues to not just grow but develop young people. In particular I am very impressed with the amount of young people that also play football who are now involved in refereeing’. Said Linda Cerone from Nepean Football Association.

NRG Referees Manager invited to sit on Referee Advisory Panel

It was announced recently that NRG Referees Manager Graham Chapman had been invited to sit on the Referees Advisory Panel for Football NSW joining A league referee Kris Griffith-Jones.

‘this is an exciting moment for me as I know I can offer the panel great ideas and energy which can see changes brought about to all referees in New South Wales. There are 4 burning issues that I want to raise straight away. 1. An increase in fees for referees so we can combat the increased fees being paid by other codes such as Rugby League. It’s crucial that we respect that referees are under enormous pressure and they need to be remunerated accordingly for this. 2. Referees that officiate in trial matches are being called on more and more and we are seeing increasingly year after year the pressure mount on referees. The wider public has not been aware but for the past decade referees have only received half pay for trial matches. I would like to see this change which will attract more referees back to the game early on in the season. 3. Recruitment of referees especially through clubs be them younger or older referees. At NRG this has been a successful strategy and I would like to see this rolled out throughout the state which guarantees refereeing numbers. 4. I want a day when we can eliminate abuse of match officials especially on junior matches. 99% of the time the senior referees or mature referees can handle absurd behavior from the sidelines but junior and developing referees in junior competition should not have to be subjected to this and I am determined to stamp this out of our game’. said NRG Referee Manager Graham Chapman